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Source Micronutrients Original Dry Meal Formula 30lb

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Source Micronutrients Original Dry Meal Formula is a totally natural micronutrient supplement. Source is derived from cold water seaweeds to provide naturally occurring vitamins and trace minerals in a biologically active form. Horse owners report glowing results, including shinier coats, increased stamina and strong flexible hooves. Feed horses one heaping measure (1/2 oz.) per 1000 lbs body weight daily.

Source Micronutrients Original Dry Meal Formula 30lb


For over 25 years, we've harvested and painstakingly blended only select varieties of cold water seaweeds for SOURCE. And every day, horse owners and trainers from around the country report the glowing results from all our "fussiness": shinier coats, stronger, more flexible hooves and increased stamina.
SOURCE provides the minor trace nutrients which are increasingly deficient in our feeds as they are farmed out of our soils. SOURCE significantly increases the ability of the horse to utilize his feeds.

SOURCE contains an extremely broad spectrum of at least 60 elements and their associated micro nutrient compounds in a biologically active form. SOURCE contains small amounts of naturally occurring vitamins (14), the 14 currently recognized "essential trace elements", the 21 trace elements now under special consideration with respect to essentiality, plus other unidentified associative factors whose role in nutrition has not yet been established.