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The Stagecoach West

For over 30 years we have been a leading retailer of Equine Supplies, Trail Riding Gear, Western Wear and Unique Gifts for the Whole Family. The Stagecoach West will continue to offer exceptional service, outstanding pricing and quality products at the large retail showroom in Irving New York, This website will offer that same value to the vast online horse riding community.

We have partnered with many major manufactures of quality products to offer you the best values in durablity, style, comfort and pricing unmatched by any other online retailer. Also, as we seek out new items from innovative companies, you can be sure that The Stagecoach West will bring those products to you quickly and our knowledgeable staff will be ready to offer the best advice for a responsible purchasing decision.

About Bar J Saddlery

The Stagecoach West Started as a small western store when it opened in 1980. Family owned and operated, the owners and staff have always listened to the needs of riders. For this reason the store expanded in size and soon became one of the largest tack and saddlery stores in the United States. Bar J Saddlery grew from the necessity of customers asking for better quality and unique tack and saddlery. The high quality standards of Bar J Saddlery have become the standard The Stagecoach West lives by. Bar J has a clear objective: provide high quality, handmade tack and saddlery at an affordable price.


To all of you, from all of us at The Stagecoach West - Thank you and Happy Trails!