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Wintec Isabell Icon English Saddle

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Designed for the dressage rider with serious aspirations and is perfectly suited for training horses at every level.

Wintec Isabell Icon English Saddle


Designed for the dressage rider with serious aspirations and is perfectly suited for training horses at every level. Sink into the perfectly crafted, ultra-deep, and grippy seat and feel perfectly balanced and poised to focus on your aids. Fine-tune your position by moving the stirrup bar for optimal comfort. Communication with your horse will be effortless as the saddle enables your leg to find a natural groove for easy contact.


The new seat is unbelievably close contact with an ultra-narrow, low waist for optimum depth and support. You will notice how effortlessly you stay centered and balanced, free to focus on your aids.

Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar

Customise the location of your stirrup bar for your individual alignment, further enhancing the ease of maintaining balance and being able to deliver aids efficiently and effectively.

Flexibloc system

Locate each Flexibloc optimally to create a groove for your leg, offering support without blocking.

Hi-tech materials

Equi-Suede is soft with just enough stretch to move with you making it comfortable from your first ride with the perfect level of grip—even when it is wet. An Equi-Leather wear patch protects the saddle from long term wear from your boots, and ensures the saddle maintains top condition.

Movable overgirth

The movable overgirth wraps the saddle flap around your horse, so that you have an unrestricted feel without any interfering movement of the saddle flap, allowing a stillness to your lower leg and upper body that helps even the most demanding moves appear effortless.

Adjustable Y-Girthing system

The Adjustable Y-Girthing system is renowned to be the most effective system for maximising saddle stability for each individual horse. New streamlined attachments and adjuster-fitting assist you with seamless contact through the length of your leg.

Refined elegance

Elegant detailing celebrates Isabell Werth’s journey to become an icon of our sport. Simple and understated for a classically neat presentation, befitting the glamour of dressage with every luxury for horse and rider.


Protect your horse’s back as they develop through the levels, ensuring they are always comfortable and able to move freely under saddle.