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Saddle Rigging

In-skirt Western
This is our best selling rigging and the most common rigging used on trail saddles. The rear rigging dee hangs straight to allow for a rear flank cinch set to be used. An in-skirt rigging reduces weight and bulk under the rider’s leg.

In-skirt EBR Single Tie
Offers the convenience of a front dee standard attachment and the front-to-rear balance ride attachment. When using the front-to rear design, this rigging offers a unique, extra secure fit. Uses a Western style girth. Not recommended with 18.5″ seat size.

In-skirt EBR Double Tie
The same as the Single Tie version of the Enduro-Balance Ride Rigging only using two separate billets to buckle to the girth. This rigging requires an English type girth with 1 1/4″ buckles. Not recommended with 18.5″ seat size.

Adjustable Position In-skirt Rigging
This rigging eliminates bulk under the rider’s leg and allows the saddle to be rigged in the Full, ⅞ or ¾ position.

Balanced Ride English Billet Rigging
The billets are 1” wide and plenty long for ample adjustment. Uses standard English girth.

Tucker Rigging

Rig Up Right

Reference: Tucker Saddlery