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The Clip

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Not only can The Clip™ prevent damage to property or injury to horses, but it is extremely convenient! Just a quick pull of the rope adjusts the length, and you can easily clip and unclip your horse without having to tie a single knot. You can also use The Clip™ to hang water buckets or hay nets, while camping or showing, and in the trailer.

The Clip


The Clip has revolutionized the way we tie our horses. No more struggling with knots ~ a simple pull of the rope allows you to effortlessly adjust the length. It’s that easy! The Clip provides an easy transition from one location to the next, safely securing your horse wherever you go.

Use The Clip everywhere - inside or outside the barn or the trailer, the high line while camping or trail riding and for cross tying. The Clip makes it simple to attach your horse anywhere!

Even children find it easy to secure their horses safely….

You can now grain or water your horse without ever having to tie or untie a knot. With one easy pull you can adjust the length of your rope as needed.

The Clip provides piece of mind by offering added safety. Any horse at any given time can spook and pull back. The Clip provides enough resistance for a horse to feel tied and secure. Should the horse panic, scramble or start to fall, The Clip’s unique design will allow the horse to step back and feel a release of pressure. The horse has the opportunity to calm down while remaining safely tied, helping to prevent damage and injury.

As a training tool, horses that have never been tied or those with previous tying issues will benefit from The Clip’s one-of-a-kind design.



How to Use The Clip:

step 1

Fold the lead rope in half. Feed the folded rope through and around The Clip and place above the Adjustment Position. This setting allows you to easily alter the length of your rope. Adjust the length of your rope as needed.





Step 2Once you have determined your lead length, drop the rope into the Adjustment Position. By turning the screw in this setting, you can adjust the amount of tension on your lead rope. A quick-release stopper knot toward the end of your lead rope is suggested whenever your horse is tied on good footing. No knot should be used in an enclosed area like a trailer or when cross-tying.



Step 3 Use the Locked Position when hanging hay bags or water buckets. This setting is not recommended for tying horses.