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Ramard Total Gut Health Syringe 1oz

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Total Gut Health Syringe 1oz

Ramard Total Gut Health Syringe 1oz


Ramard Total Gut Health Syringe

Total Gut Health supports the beneficial bacteria which are normally present in the intestinal tract. Total Gut Health is one of the most comprehensive gastrointestinal horse supplements ever produced. Formulated to address poor absorption, discomfort of the intestines due to an over abundance of bacteria or sand buildup, loose stool induced by stress or diet and stomach upset.

Features of Total Gut Health:

  • Promotes healthy microflora growth in the intestines
  • Replaces lost efficiency caused by compromised gastrointestinal systems
  • Supports proper immune function and intestinal health
  • Promotes normal mucosal lining and proper healing

"The intestinal tract normally contains beneficial bacteria, and this formula supports those ""helpers."" Bioflavex is proven to support the natural ability of the body to neutralize harmful bacteria, which can lead to gastrointestinal issues. Beta Glucan is a potent product for immune support, working to facilitate normal motility of the bowel. It can also aid in modulating normal mucosal immunity within the intestines. "


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