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Measuring Your Horse

At Tucker Trail Saddles, we believe proper saddle fit and comfort for the horse or mule is the first priority. We offer a variety of tree fits for your trotting, gaited, foundation, or draft horse and mule. We use the back tracings to evaluate which tree will fit best so the accuracy of the measurements is imperative. Let’s get started!

 Measure A Measure B Measure C

                  A                                                B                                           C

Obtain a device called a “flexible curve”. This measuring tool is easily found at an office or art supply store. It should be at least 18” long. You will use it to take a shape of your horse’s back in 4 places, and then trace that shape onto sturdy, stiff paper or poster board on ONE SIDE only. Use a separate piece of paper for each tracing.

  1. This measurement should be taken BEHIND THE SHOULDER BLADE. See photo A as a reference of this position. Conform the flexible curve on the withers and shoulders by pressing it to follow the shape of your horse, as shown in the A photo above. Make sure the horse’s head is looking straight ahead and in a relaxed position.
  2. Then carefully take the flexible curve off your horse and lay it on the paper, taking care not to change the shape that you have obtained. Trace the underside edge of the curve, making a line that is your horse’s shape, as shown in C. Mark the pattern to show the left and right side of your horse.
  3. Repeat #1 and #2 steps above 7” back from first measurement.
  4. Repeat #1 and #2 steps above at 15” behind where the first measurement was taken.
  5. After taking the three shapes above, straighten out the curve and place it length ways on your horse’s back, from the wither to the croup, as shown in B. Then follow step #2 above.
  6. Include photos of your horse, with his head in a natural up position, and from both sides.

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