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Tucker’s patented Gel-Cush™ seat is unique only to a Tucker. It never bottoms out, absorbs pressure in all directions to disperse even shear forces, will never pop, freeze, or melt. Every Tucker saddle features a Gel-Cush™ seat. Enjoy every trail mile! 

Our saddle seats typically fit a bit smaller than some saddles because of all the great Gel-Cush™. Our average seat size is 16.5″ and usually accommodates medium height riders from 150 to 190 lbs. The 15.5″ seat fits small riders usually less than 150 lbs. The 17.5″ seat fits taller riders or larger than 190 lbs. The 18.5″ seat works well for the very tall and/or larger riders. The Montreal Royal Trooper seat measures 17.5 and 19.5.

Seat sizing tip: a little extra room in the seat is recommended over a seat that’s too snug.