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Finish Line Stretch Run Plus Gallon

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  • Daily liquid supplement.
  • Recommended to support healthy metabolic muscle functions in horses during training/competition season.

Finish Line Stretch Run Plus Gallon


The Finish Line Stretch Run Plus Horse Supplement supports healthy metabolic functions in your horse. This supplement supports your horse’s performance while in training or in competitions, and it can also aid in his post-competition recovery. The supplement includes both vitamin B12 and ribose, which help to keep your horse’s ATP levels high so he has the energy and horsepower he needs to perform at his best. Stretch Run Plus has been veterinarian-researched and it contains no prohibited ingredients, so it’s considered safe to give to your horse before a competition. For the best results, feed this supplement daily—your horse will enjoy the benefits of its support during training and workouts as well as at shows or races.

  • Supports stamina, endurance & recovery
  • Promotes healthy energy levels
  • Contains Ribose & B12, which are building blocks of Adenosine Triphosphate (the main source of energy which all muscle systems depend on to function)
  • Give 2 oz. daily
  • Gallon provides approximately 64 day supply for 1 horse