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SKU 698695

Aloe Advantage Concentrated Shampoo Gallon

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Aloe Advantage Concentrated Shampoo is professionally formulated to cleanse and condition the hair. Enriched with natural extracts, this all-purpose shampoo moisturizes damaged hair, while adding body and a healthy, lustrous shine.

Aloe Advantage Concentrated Shampoo Gallon


- Enriched with Aloe

- Deodorizing active ingredient Ordenone®, encapsulates and eliminates foul odors that might attract flies.

- Can be used with spray applicators

- May help restore moisture to damaged hair

- Dual language directions in English and Spanish

- Botanical formula

- Fresh scent

- No salts…plant based formula

- No drying soaps or alcohol

- No coat stripping detergents or dyes

- 100% Biodegradabl